ToteBot 2019

What is a ToteBot?

A ToteBot is a small robot designed to be held within a tote, which is a medium-sized rectangular plastic box. It is made with parts that we would use in the regular FRC competition, like aluminum extrusions for a frame and CIMs to power the robot's wheels. It is essentially a stripped-down competition robot at its most basic: a drive train with no extra mechanisms.

Why build a ToteBot?

We built our ToteBot as a practice robot during the 2020 preseason in order to train new members in basic construction techniques. We utilized a similar time constraint to the regular FRC build season but had lower requirements for what was required for the robot as it was simply a small drivetrain mounted in a tote. ToteBot provided practice for existing members as well as training for new members in the programming, electrical, mechanical and CAD teams.