FIRST Robotics Competition 2018: POWER UP!

The Game

Two competing alliances consisting of three teams each compete against time and each other. Like past games, there is a 15-second period at the start in which the robot must be autonomous, following programmed instructions. After these 15 seconds are up, human drivers take over. They race to place power cubes (milk crates) onto large balancing scales to tip them and gain points. Additionally, power cubes can be traded for power-ups, which can give temporary boosts in score. In the last 30 seconds of the match, the drivers race to have their robots climb the central balancing tower and gain even more points.

Our Performance

The Galileo Robotics team had a moderately successful 2018 season. We were able to achieve a rank of 43 in the San Francisco regional, placing us near the bottom of the leaderboard. However, we were able to turn this around at the Silicon Valley regional, and achieved a final rank of 14 in San Jose.